Too short to make an impression?

Let’s face it. Those of us who are insecure about our height feel cursed, if not extremely disadvantaged when it comes to making an impression on  the opposite sex. Especially for guys! Am I right?

You maybe smart, funny, quiet good looking and even oozing with sex appeal. Pretty much qualities that someone will only consider noticing once you’ve passed the height test. Sounds pitiful but so painfully true. And even once you’ve managed to make an impression to have someone over look that particular problem, the deal is not sealed. The competition is too brutal! Now. This might seem a little too far fetch for some but the reality is, it all depends on standards. Yes, your standards and how you might want to think about adjusting them if you ever want to level the playing field. For every insecure guy out there, there’s an insecure girl.

The solution? well, ask yourself if it’s a problem first before you can even ponder about solutions. The question is….. how to make your height an illusion to someone who might favor guys who are of average height or god forbid, taller than you.

My answer will come after a good nights sleep. I’m knackered! 

Till then.



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